About us, and ALL THE SQUAWK


Our flock and family
So it turns out I’m NOT crazy… I’m a writer! And the voice I have been trying hard to ignore for the longest time, that’s MY voice. It’s finally found me. And it seems we have quite a bit to say 😉

And to share with you. My writing isn’t always perfect ( I’d like to thank my “smartphone” for often making me look blonder than I am) but then again my life isn’t always perfect. Sometimes it’s just plain crummy. Other days its pure chaos. And then we have our good days, when Murphy must be taking the day off, because everything just works, and the moment when it all falls apart never comes. But at the end of every day, good or bad, I get to tuck my beautiful children in, cuddle up on the couch with my wonderful huand for a few golden minutes of silence ( okay it’s really only semi silence, but I’ll take what I can get) and thats when I upload photos, work on product reviews, edit videos, and share our journey with you.

Already, we have come so much farther than I ever dreamed or planned, but our final destination is still unclear. I suppose we are taking the scenic route, and I’m learning to just enjoy it: detours, wrong ways, loops, turns and all. Truthfully, its been an interesting ride so far, and Im excited ( and to be totally honest, maybe even just a little worried) to see whats in store. If your coming along, bucke up 😉

Join the daily adventures of our entire family. We run a privately funded, home-based aviary that focuses not only on the care of the birds, but educating the public as well on the conservation of these incredible birds in the wild, focusing on the real life of living with a companion parrot. We proudly house a flock of parrots, of multiple different psittacine species; from the more common to the critically threatened and endangered. Through a loving and humane longitudinal study that focuses on family interaction, species specific observation, nutrition, socialization, enrichment, exercise, hands on training and with plenty of love, we strive to learn more about the unique and individual needs of these beautiful creatures. And we hope to share our experiences, our journey, and our fun with you. Right along with plenty of yummy recipes, fun and inspiring ideas, must have products, and so much more 😉

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